August 1, 2018

Last month, I had a chance to work with and be a part of the first quarterly Alphaluxe Car Club. These guys are an awesome group guys and gals who are all about the ultimate driving experience. The pack of cars that came out were absolutely amazing. The day started off...

April 1, 2018

What do you get when you combine physical fitness, mental focus and a hustler's drive for success?

You`d get someone like Farrice aka Fresh. 

Fresh is a personal trainer. A Chicago native who moved out here to LA to pursue his passion to help people become the best versi...

November 22, 2017

I had a chance to work once again with the talented Carlos Rivera aka Kid Cosmic. Since we`ve worked together many times before, this session was all about creating at the spur of the moment. 

Carlos has been taking up dance lessons so naturally, that was incorporated i...

May 13, 2017

Jonah came down to visit LA from Vancouver, BC.  She did not really have a theme in mind. Just some good photos of her enjoying her time here in LA. So I decided to hand her a vintage camera and use that as a prop for the whole shoot. 

I`ve been to LACMA a dozen ti...

April 28, 2017

What do you get when you put a bunch of creatives and artists in one room? A whole bunch of art! Now what if you get those artist working on the same piece? You get this:

A couple months ago, I came up with an idea to revisit the UV studio at the Midcity Arthouse. Invit...

April 26, 2017

Personal Branding Portraits can help you boost your web presence and most importantly, attract the clients that you need!

April 21, 2017

What do you get when mix an entrepreneurial spirit with artist hustle? DJ Kiyomi. Shes part Filipino, part Japanese, pure Angeleno. You can find her rolling around the dopest events in LA in her super awesome Sweetbeats truck. For this shoot, DJ Kiyomi wanted something...

April 19, 2017

Last month, I had the chance to work on one of my good friend's portraits as a DJ. During our conversation, I made sure that the location we choose will match the style of music he is capable of and of course it also had to match his personality. DJ Krewe, Ian Harding,...

February 18, 2017

Peace world!

Thank you for being here. 

My name is Jester Jungco.

     Since January of 2017, I have shifted my energy from a 10 year career of selling software, electronics, cell phones and even blenders and transformed it into my dream of living each day and making a g...

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