Photo Guide

The Shooting Process with STREETSHOOTER.LA


Step 1: Peace & Greetings


     First, let's get to know each other a little bit better. I believe that the relationship between the photographer and subject is the secret to amazing photos and content. Here, we get to talk about your ideas. Brainstorm and come up with concepts. If you have one in mind, that awesome! I will help you develop and suggest some concepts and themes if needed.

For people,this will include locations, outfits, mood, hair and makeup, props, and all the things! Also, if you have any questions about how things work, this will be the best time to ask. =)

For events, this is when we discuss the details of your event. What is important to capture? Who are the important subjects? Things like that. 



Step 2: Agreement


     Here, we work on the details. Write down the ideas we have and put them down on paper. Both parties will sign a contract agreement with the details of the shoot. Everything becomes official once contracts are signed and the deposit is sent. Time to mark our calendars!



Step 3: Photo Session


     The fun part! This is where all that we things we talked about come to life. Make sure you are physically and mentally ready. Hydrate, warm up, meditate and stretch a little bit. Bring your A-game. The camera captures your energy. During the shoot, I will help you pose, give you suggestions, direct, and make sure that everything is flowing nicely.


Step 4: Editing Process


     Where the magic happens. Did you know that editing usually takes longer than the actual shooting? The editing process is where I look for rough gems, clean, polish and transform them into diamonds. On an average photo session, there could be up to 250+ photographs taken.

Step 5: Curation


     Now for the exciting part! The curation and collection of your favorites images from our Photo session. I recommend viewing the photos 3 times.


     1st Look at all the photos as thumbnails and appreciate the landscape.

     2nd View each one in full size and appreciate the details

     3rd From start to finish picking out all your favorites along the way. (type notes in the comment box)


     Please keep in mind the number of images included in each session & the rate for additional images.  My goal is to bring out the best in you and capture it. Pricing things this way makes sure that I focus and attend to you and make the most and best photos possible for you to choose from.


Step 6: Delivery


     Once you`ve made your choices, I will go back and make some final touch-ups and adjustments if necessary. Then, the images will be delivered through a link that will let you download them in full resolution. Do as you please with them. Share, print, post. They`re yours now! I will be also able to do the same and most likely will share them on my social pages to show off a little. =)


      For prints, please allow 1-3 weeks. Signed & Dated.


Step 7: Enjoy & Share


     Cherish and enjoy what those photographs! They will serve as a reminder of an empowered moment in your life. Put them on display. Share them with the world.


      By the way, referrals and repeat session are handsomely rewarded! =)

      Stay in touch. Once you shoot with me, you become more than a client, you become a friend. =)



           Jester Jungco