Personal Branding: DJ Kiyomi

What do you get when mix an entrepreneurial spirit with artist hustle? DJ Kiyomi. Shes part Filipino, part Japanese, pure Angeleno. You can find her rolling around the dopest events in LA in her super awesome Sweetbeats truck. For this shoot, DJ Kiyomi wanted something different from the usual DJ / Party photos.

During our conversation, she said that she wanted to embrace her japanese culture and incorporate her DJ Truck business. We came up with a Kimono / Beach theme. She had a summer Kimono from Japan which was perfect. and we also made sure that the truck was ready to roll.

We drove to Dockweiler beach in the Sweetbeats truck and got to work. I wish there was someone who was there to take a behind the scene photos of this session. We were literally on a 10 ft sea wall with rocks on both sides. One slip and it would have been the end of our shoot *at the very least*. Oh the things we do for the perfect picture.

When the sun went down, I also suggested that she let me do some light painting for the famous Sweetbeats truck. She was up for it so I did my thing!

Heres what we came up with:

I`m super happy with the way this shoot came out. If you or someone you know can use images like these, please contact me for a 20 minute complimentary brainstorm session over the phone.

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