Personal Branding: Malachi

Malachi is an up and coming music producer. He's currently teaching at ICON Collective, most sought after music production school in Los Angeles. The current projects he doing has started to gain him more and more exposure on his social media outlets. The only thing is the photos he currently has on his page does not do his talent as a producer any justice. And that where I come in.

The fact is we now live in a digital world. Our social media profiles now act as our resumes. If you are a professional trying to attract clients, our instagram other social pages becomes our first impression. Think about it, if you instagram feed is full of memes and blurry selfies, do you think that a high end client with consider you for a gig vs someone who has clean, professional photos of them doing what they do?

In this set, I suggested that we use ICON Collective as the location. It had all the elements we needed to say that Malachi is a successful producer and should be taken seriously. I`ve only heard of the place before and besides a few photos I`ve seen on their website, I did not know what to expect. All I know was that I had enough confidence and courage to create the images needed to portray Malachi to be the amazing music producer that he is. Here are the results..

We started off in one of the production rooms.. shots these first few shots and then I decided that he needed some classic B&W shots just like some of classic jazz record album covers I love.

If you are an artist that would portraits like these taken, please contact me for a complimentary 20 minute creative brainstorm session over the phone.

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