Art Collaborations & Creative Directions: Ultraviolet

What do you get when you put a bunch of creatives and artists in one room? A whole bunch of art! Now what if you get those artist working on the same piece? You get this:

A couple months ago, I came up with an idea to revisit the UV studio at the Midcity Arthouse. Invited my artsy friends and got down to creating.

A big part of my workflow is using what is already available to me. The UV room at the Midcity Arthouse was the first ingredient. Now, I`ve done a shoot here before but I knew I can make it better with more help.

During pre-production, I made sure to purchase the necessary items. Some UV active body paint (non toxic!), a couple brushes, some squirt bottles, and a 6ft roll of backdrop paper aka Seamless Backdrop.

When working with many other people involved, its important for the person in charge to arrive at the location early and prep. Its also important to know that some people will be late due to traffic. *especially in LA* haha! So I arrived early and set up as much as I could. Then, the rest of the team started coming in.

My inspiration for this shoot is to use the female form as a canvas for paint. UV paint to be more exact. This was all I had in mind coming into the shoot. I knew that having other creative minds in the team will carry the project through and it did wonderfully!

A month later after we finished the shoot, a cinematographer from the Bay area reached out to me about a collaboration. It just so happened that we had all the unedited video laying around so I sent him the footage with a few direction and he got to work. and that also turned out AMAZING!

This whole experience was really just an awesome manifestation of an idea. No matter how big or small..If you act upon a goal, idea, or a dream.. the universe will conspire to make it happen.

I would like to thank everyone that was involved in this project!


A photo from this shoot has been featured in Arsenic Magazine's instagram page and have won their 10k tuesday contest. Arsenic Magazine has more then 1M followers.


Studio: @midcityarthouse

Model: @Arweeesa

Video: @Jipped

Assist: @Kiki.rice

Video edit: @trvppyfilms


The team.

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